Tech Jobs

Tech Job Certifications in Demand

It is no secret that possessing tech-related certifications significantly up your chances of landing a tech job in the IT industry. According to an online survey conducted by IT Salary…

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Tips for a Successful Video Job Interview

Keeping the present impact of Covid-19 and social distancing in mind, it’s quite likely people prefer conversing online than face-to-face. Video calls have become an indispensable part of our daily…

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Top 10 Soft Skills for Career Success

To be successful in the professional work arena, there is no sure-shot method. Talent and skill go a long way towards securing stability in your career. However, to completely stand…

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How To Crack Any Interview

Do you find yourself being nervous over an upcoming interview? Is your dream job just a final hurdle away? Interview blues can be a real thing. Let us look at…

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TapResume has Tens of Thousands of Jobs but the Right One for You

One of the top and most asked questions these days is “How and Where to Get a Job?” Even if you land a job, is it the right one you’ve…

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