Diverse and Inclusion Technology

Can Technology help drive the Workplace for greater Inclusion and Diversity?

The diversity and inclusion technology in the business is compelling, and it is not something new for today’s corporations. Diversity and inclusion are a crucial part of any organizational core…

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Java Developers

Are Java Developers Still in Demand?

Despite the competition from new languages, the demand for Java developers remains strong globally. As a result, Java is still considered the most in-demand programming language on the job market….

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Importance of Agile practices in Professional Firms

The covid pandemic has disrupted many aspects of people’s lives. One of the enduring effects of this pandemic and the resulting lockdowns worldwide has been the massive shift in working…

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technology startups in india

5 Tech Startups Making India Proud

2019 witnessed the addition of over 1300 tech startups in India, with the country reinforcing its position as the third-largest startup ecosystem in the world. As business booms and opportunities…

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Information technology

Jobs in Information Technology in India

The employment potential and prospects in the Information Technology sector are quite promising and robust. In India, it is an industry comprising of two major components, viz, Business Process Outsourcing…

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