Tips for a Successful Video Job Interview

Keeping the present impact of Covid-19 and social distancing in mind, it’s quite likely people prefer conversing online than face-to-face. Video calls have become an indispensable part of our daily…

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How to Strengthen your Personal Brand?

Ever since top companies with world-class products came into existence, the term “Brand” got tagged along. Today it has evolved so much that Branding is what companies stand for. But…

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Programming Languages that offer High Paying Salaries | Tapresume

Programming Languages that offer High Paying Salaries

Over the last decade, the demand and use of programming languages show a quite upward trend, making it the best possible career option. Stack Overflow surveyed in 2020 and collected…

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Oracle Jobs

The Advantages of Oracle, its importance and Job Opportunities

Do you know why Oracle is so prevalent in the business world? Since its launch in the 1980s, every new version of Oracle database has advanced features equipped for businesses….

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artificial intelligence jobs

What Skills are Required to land a Job in Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence has been the driving force in technology. The AI-powered language tools bridge the social and cultural divides in our workplaces, classrooms, and day-to-day lives. In most sectors, machines…

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