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Search and Find the Best Talent

Resume Database

Resume Database Access thousands of qualified and pre-screened profiles across technologies, database includes both passive and active job seekers giving you the choice to make the right hire.

Advanced Search

Advanced Search Helps you perform the most accurate searches and find the right fit, multiple search filters and parameters have been built by leveraging the power of AI and Deep Machine Learning to provide you the most powerful hiring platform.

Instant Messaging and Mailers

Instant Messaging and Mailers Reach candidates wherever they are by sending them instant text messages directly from the platform. create customized mail campaigns to target specific job seekers.

Skill Assessment

Skill Assessment Hire best qualified technologists faster, as each of the profile in the database is evaluated, rated and assessed using AI based mapping technology.

Search, Connect and Engage with top notch technologists

TapResume gives you an access to the largest pool of interview-ready, pre-screened and qualified candidates.

Job Advertisements

Job Advertisements
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Get Instant Responses from Job Applicants

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Get Premium Visibility for all your Job Advertisements.

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Get Instant Alerts when candidates apply to your advertisements.

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Job Seekers apply to you advertisements on real time basis using our AI driven mobile APP.

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Customized Email campaigns to job applicants.

1 Month Global DB

₹ 54741
  • Unlimited CV Searches
  • 500 Contact Details
  • Ready to hire profiles
  • Global access includes India and US
  • 5 job ads valid for 30 days

Premium Job Posts

₹ 7225
  • Monthly Job Ad 1
  • Regions India and US
  • Unlimited Characters
  • Premium Visibility
  • Job Validity 30 days
  • Home page logo
  • Application alerts
  • Upto 5 auto matched profiles

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