McKinley & Rice Creativity Pvt Ltd

Front End Developer React React Native

  • Job Type: Full Time
  • Industry Type: IT Sector
  • Industry Location: Noida
  • Experience: 1-4yrs
  • No. of Positions: 5
  • Salary Range: 1-4 lac
  • Primary Skills: API React Native React Redux
  • Secondary Skills: Rest Api Skills highlighted with ‘‘ are preferred keyskills
  • Job Location: Noida
  • Posted Date: 25 days ago
Job Description









Welcome to McKinley & Rice.

A multinational company. A startup. A vision. 100% focused on India.

What makes us special? Learn more about us through our recruitment video:


Introduction to McKinley & Rice :

Why We rejected 900 Applicants:


Office Locations (India)

You get to choose where you want to work.

  • Noida
  • Pune


Full Stack Developer Position Requirements


  • Fluency in English (Required)
  • Fluency in building React and React Native components (Required)
  • Fluency in working with REST APIs (Required)
  • High intermediate in Redux (Required)
  • High intermediate in ServiceWorker (Required)
  • At least 1 year of work experience (Required)
  • Capacity to work according to global standards (Required)
  • Minimum bachelor's degree (Required)
  • Knowledge of the following is optional but will be reflected in negotiations
  • (Note: McKinley & Rice follows by default the MERN stack.)
  • React Native (Required)
  • PSD to HTML/CSS Conversion (Optional)
  • JQuery (Optional) Bootstrap 3 + 4 (Optional)
  • UI Kit (Optional) Materialize.css (Optional)
  • Less or Sass (Optional)
  • Flexbox or Grid (Optional)
  • Angular 2, 4, 5, 6 (Simple Angular is not accepted) (Optional)
  • Ionic 3 (Optional)
  • Progressive Web Applications (Optional)


Your Search is Over.

You're looking for a job. You want to build a career, earn money, maybe buy a house, work on interesting products, and hopefully unlock doors to additional opportunities. There are limitless jobs listed on this job portal; of which some are good, and some are bad. A few might even be terrible. But you have to decide where to apply just by reading through these job descriptions. To make your job of choosing a job even harder, a job that's excellent for your friend may not be good for you at all.

We won't say well be the best company you'll ever work for. But well say this; we're a company that tries hard. At everything. See how much effort was put into this job post. We did it because our team members want better team members to work with. And were in that sweet spot of a startups growth where we know were here for the long run, but we aren’t so big that you’ll be just another cog in the wheel. We’re at a stage where your individual contributions actually make a difference. Like Google in 1999, or Airbnb in 2010.


So, Who Are We?

McKinley & Rice is a multinational HR management startup operating in South Korea, the U.S., and India. What is an HR management company? It means we’re experts in management, and we’re experts in people. (We’re also experts in recruitment, and we engineer and operate a recruitment platform that competes against LinkedIn, Indeed and Naukri.) We know why so many international companies are afraid of entering India. We also know why so many talented employees are unhappy working for outsourcing consultancies like Infosys or TCS.

We operate the overseas divisions for various multinational companies. International companies come to us for top talent, and top talent comes to us for interesting, meaningful jobs.

In India, we're located in Noida and Pune with a total of around 70+ innovative people working for various MNCs, and as a startup, we’ve been growing explosively at 300% year after year.


Whom This Company is For

  • No company is ideal for everybody. This company is for:
  • You want to work with other Grade-A players.
  • You’re very good at communications. You report consistently and in detail, so your bosses know what you’re working on. That’s why you need little micromanagement.
  • You want to stick it out in a job, commit to building something great in return for a large payoff in the long run.


This company isn’t for

  • People who aren’t seeking to master their craft. If you don’t want to reach the top 1% of expertise in your field, you won’t be a good fit here.
  • People who can’t work in teams. We’ve had prima donna star employees that were objectively talented, yet thought they were better than everyone else. We don’t condone such behavior.
  • People who just want more pay. We know we pay objectively industry competitive salaries. But we also know that every one of our team members could easily get a better package elsewhere should they really want to, hence we can’t indulge everyone’s request to seek the maximum amount of pay they can extract from our company. Else we won’t have a team of Grade-A players anymore. That’s why we hire people more focused on mastering their craft.


Common Requirements

Fluency in English. We communicate between our international branches in English. We speak to clients in English. We code in English. So it’s pretty important that you’re good at it.

Bachelor’s degree.


Awesome Benefits

  • You get to work with a Grade-A team. Look at how much effort we’re putting in this job post!
  • We pay industry competitive salaries.
  • We give you a complimentary gift basket soon after you join us.
  • We pay for your home wifi. On work from home days, we want everyone to be able to work efficiently without interruption.
  • We regularly have work-from-home days.
  • We offer a generous performance-based bonus policy.
  • We also offer retainment bonuses for every additional year you work with us.
  • We provide 15 days of paid leaves per year.
  • We pay for maternity & paternity leaves.
  • We pay for you to learn, train, and better yourself.
  • We pay for team parties.
  • Most importantly, we care about you - with our policies designed to keep YOU in mind.
  • We welcome and encourage applications from the PRIDE (LGBT) community, people with disabilities, and military veterans for jobs on all platforms, including our very own recruitment platform, CareerChat.


Interview Process

Our interview process is streamlined to be completed within 2 hours, across 3 days. You’ll take 1 interview per day, around 20-40 minutes each, for 3 consecutive days.

Introductory Call: You get to know more about the company, and we get to know more about you.

Round 1 (Intelligence): We assess general intelligence and aptitude such as logical reasoning and perseverance

Round 2 (Tech): We assess specific technical skills required by the position

Round 3 (Culture): We check if we’ll be a good culture fit together. You might also get to meet some of our clients.


Employment Type: Full Time


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