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Data Scientist

  • Job ID: BG32LOBIXF
  • Job Type: Full Time
  • Industry Type: IT Sector
  • Industry Location: Navi Mumbai
  • Experience: 2-7yrs
  • No. of Positions: 10
  • Salary Range: 2-8 lac
  • Primary Skills: Data Science Pyspark R NLP Xgboost Artificial Intelligence
  • Secondary Skills: Decision Trees Machine Learning Python Random Forest
  • Job Location: Navi Mumbai
  • Posted Date: 5 days ago
Job Description


Minimum Qualification


1. B. Tech / B.E. Computer Sciences

  • From premium institutes like IITs / RECs with minimum 1 year relevant work experience
  • Form other Grade 1 institutes with minimum 2 years relevant work experience
  • From other institutes with minimum 3 years relevant work experience

(Technical / Additional qualification in Data Sciences and similar work experience in data sciences role is preferred)

2. Data Sciences Masters Certification in addition to the regular technical education is preferred with minimum 3 years relevant work-experience in the similar role




Minimum 2-3 Years. Refer above


Job Description ( Role )


  • To act as Business Analyst of Data Science with various data storage departments, data warehouse teams with respect to Credit & Collections
  • Liaising with Data Storage and Data Analytics teams / vendors for regular and project based tasks for quality and timed output as per organizational requirement
  • Managing data analytics vendors for tasks involving below mentioned activities

i. Working on Data Exploration & Mining - Enhancing data collection procedures to include information that is relevant for building analytic systems

ii. Data Structuring and Organising - Processing, cleansing, and verifying the integrity of data used for analysis

iii. Data Modelling, Data Descriptive & Predictive Analysis and Data Visualization techniques

iv. Data Based presentations - Doing periodic analysis and presenting results

v. Selecting features, building and optimizing classifiers using machine learning techniques

vi. Creating an environment of decision driven by Machine Learning based Artificial Intelligence


Job Specification


  • Data-oriented and Data-driven approach
  • Knowledge of applied statistical skills and tools such as data distributions, statistical testing, variance and regression etc.
  • Proficiency in Big Data tools (Eg. Hadoop) with their distinct applicability for short, mid and long term usage with respect to data size & analytics envisaged.
  • Proficiency in Big Data architecture and machine learning techniques
  • Experience with common data science toolkits such as R systems and Python, Spyder, PySpark etc.
  • Experience with data handling techniques like Random Forest, XGBoost; Knowledge of Machine Learning enhancing techniques of Feature Selection & Feature Engineering;
  • Knowledge of Algorithms, Decision Trees
  • In-depth understanding of various data warehousing systems such as RDBMS systems like SQL and Oracle including the new age dbases.
  • In-depth understanding of various query languages for databases
  • Data Presentation skills and experience / knowledge of various visualization tools Eg. PowerBI and usage of NLP for visualization.
  • Prior experience or ability to deal with multiple vendors and extract the desired output from them in the given time frame.


Key Result Areas


  • Optimizing data capturing fields for effective and future ready data study in all systems of the organization
  • Extracting various structured and unstructured data from organizations systems and organizing them for meaningful study using Data Science Tools
  • Handling data analytics towards Credit Decision Engine and Predictability Based Collection system
  • Handling data analytics vendors towards establishment of a comprehensive BI Tool
  • All as per job description




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