Cloud Solution Architect

  • Job Type:
  • Industry Type: IT Sector
  • Industry Location: Doha
  • Experience: 6-7yrs
  • No. of Positions: 1
  • Salary Range: 7-880 k
  • Primary Skills: Well-Architected Framework Enterprise Scale Landing Zone Cloud Adoption Framework
  • Secondary Skills: Changing configurations sample coding
  • Job Location: Doha
  • Posted Date: 77 days ago
Job Description

The Business Applications Cloud Solution Architect (CSA) in this role will
• Develop and drive awareness in the ecosystem about multi-cloud technology adoption roadmap and advices partners on its execution aligned to partner s services or IP offers.
• Play a critical role in working with partners to provide deep business applications guidance thru technical scenarios, support through solution build and first mile customer engagements including Proof of Concepts, Architectural Design Sessions (ADS), and Hackathons
• Build relationship with partner technical and development resources designing and architecting new solutions and services based on Microsoft s Business Applications cloud platform and technologies.CSAs deliver value via a portfolio of service delivery engagements optimized to accelerate partner solution builds and first mile customer wins
• Stand out as a Technology expert due to deep solutions knowledge. They can go toe-to-toe with Microsoft engineering teams and blackbelts often surfacing product issues, feeding back value data and insights that accelerate fixes and updates.
• Influence the partner s capabilities by drive adoption of architecture best practices, patterns and anti-partners for the implementation of SaaS solutions.
• Work across partner types focused on IP or services delivery, including Independent Software Vendors, and System Integrators
Understanding Customer/Partner Technical Environment
• Identifies and evaluates industry trends (customer industry verticals, information technology [IT] industry), gathers customer/partner insights (e.g., feedback around technical preferences, environments, business needs, competitive landscape), and maps architecture and digital transformation solutions to customer/partner business outcomes. Adapts business models, plans, and solutions to insights.
• Acts as the voice of the customer (VOC)/partner by driving new feedback, gaps, blockers, insights, resources, etc. across territories to track, add, and prioritize, using established channels (e.g., UAT/TFT). Represents the customer/partner to internal teams (e.g., Engineering) to shape products and services by providing insights across the territory.
Architecture Design and Deployment
• Leverages and champions an existing architecture approach to achieve Microsoft's agreed commitments to the customer/partner. Proposes and develops new solutions to scale across multiple customers/partners while demonstrating the business case and presenting alternative scenarios.
• Uncovers, aggregates, and synthesizes data about customer/partner business, complex technical requirements and issues (e.g., involving great length or tenacity to resolve), and various technical strategies being proposed. addresses them with win-win technical architecture(s) and demonstrates and proves the capability and business value of those solutions through design collaboration sessions with the customer/partner.
• Applies broad technical, industry, and enterprise knowledge to architecture projects to meet business and information technology (IT) requirements and resolve identified constraints. shaping and enhancing customers' requirements.
• Leads customer/partner projects that implement technical architecture(s) to enable a breadth of highly advanced and complex solutions. Provides thought leadership for technical architecture design, development, and deployment and supports/drives the customer/partner throughout pre-sales and/or implementation.
• Anticipates, identifies, and removes technical blockers (e.g., changing configurations, sample coding) through regular technical reviews and check ins to accelerate architecture implementations. Anticipates and routes non-technical issues for removal by the appropriate party.
• Adapts methodology and applies governance to identify, communicate, and minimize business and technical risks (e.g. Well-Architected Framework, Enterprise Scale Landing Zone, Cloud Adoption Framework). Defines customer/partner conditions of success, adheres to quality assurance, and calculates risks while designing and/or delivering solutions.
Practice Development
• Connects gaps and patterns across business and technology areas, and drives changes and improvements to existing intellectual property (IP), technologies, and/or processes that enable solutions to scale across customers. drives sales and consumption, as well as IP re-use and best practice sharing. Develops and contributes to the company stock of structured frameworks and methodologies.
Trusted Advisor
• Develops and expands existing impactful relationships with customer and partner/MCS architects, C-level technical decision makers (TDMs), and business stakeholders (to the extent that the customer/partner will call for consultation without being prompted). Provides direction to TDMs and builds the bridge between TDMs and business decision makers (BDMs). Influences partners in technical and architectural areas.
• Creates and sustains constructive tension and trust with customers/partners by respectfully challenging their decisions and/or areas where they might do more and encouraging them to consider alternative architectures and approaches.
• Leads the adoption of Microsoft architecture technologies based on analysis/differentiation of Microsoft and competitor products to influence the industry-wide direction for specific architecture(s).
Thought Leadership
• Leads virtual teams around technologies and customer/partner challenges by sharing ideas, insight, and strategic, technical input with technical teams, internal communities across the field, and the larger virtual team across Microsoft using knowledge of Microsoft architectures and their context in the competitive landscape. Acts as a mentor to multiple peers and leads initiatives to improve processes and drive efficiency.
• Participates in external architect community events (e.g., conferences, seminars, technical meetups, Webcasts, blogs, hackathons) and shares learnings with internal team. Acts a mentor to junior colleagues by educating them on technical and non-technical concepts and sharing best practices. Demonstrates deep industry knowledge and drives recognition for Microsoft solutions through presentations and engagements with external audiences.
Customer Usage
• Leads architecture design, resiliency reviews, and technical optimization across multiple applications for the customer, resulting in production deployment application and increased customer business value. Leads initiatives to ensure that the customer's environment and applications are well-architected.
• Embody our culture and values

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