What Skills are Required to land a Job in Artificial Intelligence?

artificial intelligence jobs

Artificial Intelligence has been the driving force in technology. The AI-powered language tools bridge the social and cultural divides in our workplaces, classrooms, and day-to-day lives. In most sectors, machines have already taken over monotonous jobs.

According to Gartner reports, AI is an emerging field that will create over 2.8 million jobs by 2021. In today’s world, AI skills are in high demand across enterprises like robotics, gaming, speech recognition, vision recognition, and much more.

For professionals evaluating career options in the AI field, take a look at the skills required to succeed in an artificial intelligence career.

Mathematical and Algorithms Knowledge

Any candidate for the AI domain must be an expert in a broad set of algorithms and applied math. Candidates should be well-versed with excellent problem-solving and analytical skills to help them perform the given tasks.

Proficient in Probability and Statistics

Software professionals need to have a thorough knowledge of probability and statistics to learn different AI models.

Fundamental Expertise In Programming Languages

For becoming proficient in AI, professionals must learn programming languages such as Python, C++, R, Java, etc.

Efficiency In Distributed Computing

The majority of AI jobs require programmers to deal with large data sets. These data sets have to be equally distributed as they can’t be processed using a single system.

Good Command Over Unix Tools

Most AI processing happens on Linux-based machines; programmers need to comprehend various Unix tools like awk, grep, cat, sort, find, cut, tr, etc.

Being Curious and Creative

To excel in the AI domain, employees need to have a curious and creative mindset to grab abstract information efficiently.

Stay Updated and Perceive New Concepts 

AI professionals must be passionate about keeping themselves updated with the most advanced developments in the tech industry and update their skills and be familiar with the progressive development tools, theories, algorithms, etc.

Top AI Jobs in the market
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Robotic Scientist
  • Data Scientist
  • Research Scientist
  • Business Intelligence Developer

Hiring companies prefer candidates with strong computer programming skills, expert mathematical skills, knowledge of cloud applications, computer languages, excellent communication, analytical skills, and certifications in AI.

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