The Hard Skills Companies Need Most in 2019

Hard Skills

January is the month of motivation and productivity, as you make an effort to keep to your resolutions and stay at the top of your game! Most working professionals are always on the look-out for expanding their Hard skill, and companies should encourage and guide their employees in this quest. 

This is the perfect time for companies to take inventory of the pool of hard skills their employees already have and work towards bettering and expanding them. With an array of skills to cultivate in the arena, the focus should typically be on harnessing the benefits of the digital era and boosting the productivity of the company this new year…

Video Production 

The demand for video production is increasing exponentially since video-streaming now represents seventy percent of all consumer Internet traffic. Web Video for business, creating web series especially, is in huge demand at present.

Audio Productions

Much like Video Production, there has been an increased demand for audio production too due to the growing interest in podcasts and other audio-digital formats. Learning techniques for audio recording is imperative to have a wholesome understanding of Audio Production.

Cloud Computing 

This is the best time for companies to look for engineers with a specialization in Cloud Computing, as the whole world is now rushing towards the cloud. To accommodate the ever-increasing demand, it is essential for one to have an accurate idea of not just Cloud Computing but also Web Services and Advanced Security.

Scientific Computing  

It is very important to have knowledge of Scientific Computing since it can be used to solve problems dealing with massive amounts of data. As companies continue to collect data at an incremental rate to expand their database, it is essential to know Scientific Computing to store all the data.

People Management 

The approach of companies when it comes to dealing with employees has changed vastly throughout the years. Now, there are “leaders” instead of “bosses” and employees are not given orders and instructions, but are rather approached and coached. The management of human resources is a difficult skill set to possess but companies must attain this skill in order to achieve success. Managing the conflicts of the employees and motivating them to work more, and work better, should be the ultimate goal of people management.

Sales Leadership 

This particular skill is very common worldwide, but notoriously difficult to retain in a company, as it gets hard to find efficient individuals who also have good leadership skills in the sales department. But, a company ought to appoint good sales leaders in order to avoid the stagnation in the company’s growth as this skill is always in high demand. Sales Coaching and Sales Management programs can also be started for letting the professionals better themselves in this area.

Digital Marketing  

This is the digital age and digital marketing is undoubtedly one of those skills being extremely high in demand. It is not even a surprise to witness more and more companies working day in and day out to learn and perfect the art of digital marketing. Brand and marketing integration and marketing foundations are part and parcel of digital marketing and it is, therefore, imperative to be completely aware of these things.

Social Media Marketing 

With each passing day, social media is getting more and more relevant in everyday affairs. Social Media is an essential tool of communication in the present day and it is absolutely necessary to have a team allocated exclusively for Social Media Marketing. Marketing on Instagram and other platforms is essential to ensure the company is ‘trending’, which is the modern-day synonym for ‘growing’.


In today’s times, the entire world is globally connected. With a proper translator, the language-barrier in this otherwise global environment can easily be overcome. This skill can be used to communicate across cultures and develop cross-cultural intelligence.

In huge demand, yet not difficult to achieve, these are a few skills that companies might want to cultivate in 2019 in order to sail through the new year at the top of their game.  

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