Job Scope for a Tech Recruiter

Technology Recruiting, better defined as IT or Technical Recruiting, incorporates screening, sourcing and assessing candidates who are competent enough to handle specific technical roles most diligently. It involves  making use of a sourcing pipeline to enable picking out and hiring quality technical talent that adheres and matches with the hiring manager’s requirements and specifications perfectly.

A technical recruiter additionally should be confident enough to communicate unrealistic technical goals, required for the proper recruitment of IT professionals in the IT sector, to hiring managers.

Responsibilities to Be Handled for Tech Recruiting 

A tech recruiter needs to have the following skills to be able to dispense his work objectives accurately:

  • Should be able to review job descriptions successfully by understanding the criterions of the hiring manager, to be able to shortlist and identify the right candidate for the proper designation.
  • Should have a complete understanding of technical roles and make a proper evaluation of technical skills.
  • Should be competent enough to identify, source and uncover candidates.
  • Should be able to ascertain and match job profiles of candidates by determining their competence against the requirements of a technical job description.
  • Should successfully be able to execute interviews on calls, in person or through video conferencing with candidates for assessing their qualifications.
  • Should be able to keep proper follow-up by maintaining the candidates in the loop for future references.
  • Should be able to present resumes of prospective candidates to hiring managers for scrutinisation and further consideration.

Tech Recruiter

Skills Essential for a Tech Recruiter

For technical recruiting, a candidate needs to have the following skills,

  • Should be capable of building strong relationships with the candidates as well as tech hiring managers.
  • Should have complete knowledge and learning of technical information.
  • Should have self-confidence and should know how to operate office automation tools for editing, proof-reading and formatting.
  • Should have a firm grasp of verbal and written communication skills.
  • Should be able to qualify a fundamental technology primer exam.

Final Thoughts

Tech recruiting requires hard work, knowledge, patience and experience for understanding the jargon and essentials of myriad technical job roles to make it worthwhile. However, it is not advisable to hire a single tech recruiter for recruitment at all levels of IT. They should be segregated under various categories comprising of recruiters best suited for consulting jobs, entry-level jobs, business process system jobs, executive levels, and so on.

Job portals in India focus on listing candidates for tech recruiting under different heads like those good at hiring system administrators for IT, desktop support engineers, and others in similar categories. Tech Recruiting jobs for the IT sector have an enormous scope in the future, and aspiring candidates can make a great career out of it, in India, as well as on the global platform.

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