How Competitive is the Hiring process at Top Companies?

Top Companies Hiring Process

Even though there are over a thousand open positions worldwide, the hiring process at renowned top companies is very competitive. There are multiple rounds of interviews, in person and over the phone, before the candidate gets selected for the final round. The hiring process can take weeks, up to a couple of months.

The initial step to getting a job at any top company is just like getting a job at any other company – by filling out an application. A well-known company with a hiring process this competitive, while receiving thousands of applications for each position, candidates have to find a way to stand out.

The hiring process at Tech Giants is designed to hire the most talented, creative, and articulate people in the world who will be the best fit for them. It is a very competitive process as less than 5% of applicants gets hired. Even employee referrals are hired less than 10% of the time.

The top companies receive over a million resumes per year and hire about 10K to 15k job seekers each year, depending on economic conditions. So, in any given year, less than 2-3% of all applicants get employed. That means many people who are very successful in their current jobs and others who are very talented may not be hired. That is just the certainty of the numbers; as companies continue to grow, there will be more opportunities.

How do job seekers meet the expectations?

Firstly, applicants need to change the mindset that they are supposed to crack interviews to get a job. Cracking interviews is more about hacking the interview process to get the job somehow.

Focusing on cracking interviews might help you do well in a few interviews but might not help you do well in most of the interviews with consistency and confidence.

Instead, if you work on being suitable for the role you’re applying to and meeting the expectations, you can quickly get the job you want.

If you focus on this, you might still do poorly in a few interviews, but that would be an exception rather than the norm.

What is expected from candidates during the Interview?

At a high level, the skills required from any candidate for a product/service-based company are:

  • Strong foundational knowledge
  • Good problem-solving skills
  • Ability to properly use your knowledge and skills
  • Culturally fit for the company/team

Generally, interviews at Top companies consist of 5-6 rounds or more.

1) Aptitude

2) Technical (if it’s a tech company)

3) Personal Interview/ Technical

4) HR interview

5) Final Executive Review / Background Check

6) The Job Offer (The HR will notify you of an offer if selected and explain all the offer details.)

The businesses that are succeeding in this tough talent market realize that it all comes down to applicant expertise. It’s no longer acceptable to shuffle candidates from one stage to the next – being attentive and intentional about the conversation they have with the company is crucial.

The ultimate goal of going through the trouble of interviews is to show you deserve this job; you are intelligent, talented, passionate, and capable of joining a top company.

Employers prefer to be convinced you fit the job ideally: both professionally and personally. Convincing them why you’re the best fit and why there cannot be any substitute depends entirely on your calibre.


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