Five Tips for a Great career in Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Current Scenario

Cloud computing is one of the topmost technological trends in both the US and India and professionals trained in this segment can expect very high salaries. However, getting into this field is not easier as one has to be equipped with specific skills. So, let’s see how you can get into this specialized segment and what are the skill sets or traits, which are required to get started in this area of knowledge.

  1. Coding and database management

Cloud helps programmers to generate, host and execute applications that can work much quicker on account of the environment’s capacity to handle large volumes. Some of the programming languages that are applicable in the cloud ecosystem are Python, Perl, Ruby, PHP, Java, and .NET.  Apart from that, professionals need to have a strong foundation in database management particularly the knowledge to set up, access and manage databases.  In addition to that, cloud professionals with Linux skills are in high demand now. The major reason being almost one-fourth of the servers today use Linux based Azure.

  1. Courses and certifications in cloud technologies

There is no exaggeration that professionals with certifications earn 40% more salary than their peers, who do not have industry endorsed certifications. The cloud domain is not an exception in this regard, wherein major service providers like Amazon and Microsoft offer training and certifications to help you get started in this knowledge segment.  Some of the most popular certifications include AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. It is to be noted that certifications itself do not guarantee a job but compliments your practical experience. In fact, the most important part is to gain adequate experience in this area, while certifications will only act as boosters for further career enhancement.

  1. Expertise in Cloud platforms and technologies

Knowledge of data and programming languages is not sufficient for a great career in cloud computing, as you need to gain expertise in some cloud platforms such as Amazon Web services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure.  As a professional, you can learn any one of them, but if you have expertise in all the 3 platforms, it would be a great start for you.

  1. Knowledge of cloud in multiple environments and data integration

Cloud is not confined to a single type, but a mix of cloud services and cloud types such as public, private and hybrid. This implies that as a cloud professional, you need to have the required expertise to manage these multi-cloud environments. In such a scenario, integrating databases to ensure the possibility of data utilization is a challenging proposition. These complexities further increase when cloud systems need to interact with the legacy systems.  It is to be noted here that professionals, who specialize in cloud architecture need to know about integration, which is a must-have skill, among other skills.

  1. Business management and soft skills

Having technical skills is not sufficient for a good career in cloud computing. You also need to have good communication and soft skills to make a mark in this profession. Some of the skills, which are required include:

  • Management skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Negotiation skills


Some of the technical skills, which are required, include Amazon Web Services (AWS), Python, Java, Azure, Agile, VMWare and Docker.  The best cloud professionals are those who know how to capitalize on these high-end skills to generate more value for employers.  In order to be a highly successful cloud professional, you need to identify the right cloud data and analyze and transform this raw data into valuable insights to aid instant decision making.

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