Building CI/CD Pipeline for DevOps Automation

Building CI CD Pipeline for DevOps Automation

The CI/CD, also referred to as Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery, has been recognized as the framework for establishing a DevOps practice that most companies envisioned to be the critical enabler for fast and secure software delivery. 

 For years, the CI/CD pipeline has helped development teams worldwide adjust to the modern application for the code to be integrated and validated in multiple platforms.  

 As an organization, you can benefit by investing in a CI/CD pipeline from enhanced agility in acknowledging customer needs, developer autonomy, and error-free deployments. Thanks to the next-gen service of creating CI/CD pipeline tools, DevOps automation is becoming a present thing. 

 A systematic CI/CD pipeline would be the key to accomplishing quick turnarounds. And here are few fundamentals that drive a CI/CD pipeline. 

Integration and Verification:
Consider in a software development environment when multiple developers are developing in particular feature branches, integrating to a common development branch becomes necessary. A verification step must be available to ensure that the specific integration would not break existing functionality. 

For automation to achieve speed, verification is essential. i.e., it comprises of series of automated tests that would cover the most crucial aspects of the software and could be completed in a reasonable time. 

Follow Testing Mechanism
The testing mechanism is an overnight process where functional and performance tests are executed on the latest software’s successful build. Based on the test report, the issues will be fixed by the QA and development team at the earliest. 

Continuous Deployment
As most of the hard work is done in the three previous steps, the deployment process is simplified. A software release can be done at any point, with a successful Testing mechanism cycle being the only eligibility standard. 

By following the processes mentioned above, your organization can align to CI/CD best practices, allowing for flexibility across product development team methodologies and resulting deliverables. 

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