4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Digital Marketing Over Traditional

The exploding growth of digital marketing has gradually but effectively overshadowed traditional marketing. Statistics support this statement —  The last five years have seen a steady increase in digital marketing budgets, directly affecting traditional marketing expenditure, which has been continually declining.

This is an indication that keen marketers realised the potential of digital marketing even half a decade ago. But it’s never too late to start. Read on to find out why replacing traditional marketing with digital should be your go-to strategy this year.

The Rise of the Aware Customers

The traditional marketing era was packed with salespeople that would reach out to their potential customers and educate them about their product. Most of the information the buyer would get would be from the person trying to sell the product to them. However, the internet has turned that element of traditional marketing upside down completely.

Today, 88% of customers research a product online before buying it, even if the purchase is going to be in-store. Cold calls and roaming salespeople, which used to rule the pre-internet sales strategy are practically useless now.

The Ever-Expanding Reach

Traditional marketing relies on your customer to be physically present wherever your advertisement has been displayed, which can limit it to the eyes of a certain number of people. With more than half the global population using the internet today, digital marketing has a far more extensive scope. This number will only grow, and so will your reach.

Digital marketing

A More Targeted Approach

Along with being able to reach a lot of potential customers, digital marketing also allows you to weed out viewers who will not convert into leads. Advertisements, campaigns, and content can be created and distributed in a way that they target customers who are more likely to convert. This is not possible in most traditional marketing methods, which force you to cater to all or none. This can significantly increase your cost without improving your Return On Investment (ROI).

A Measurable ROI

It is not always possible to track how many people you will reach with your marketing, how many of them became potential leads, and how many of them converted with traditional marketing. Real-time results that are possible with digital marketing can significantly help in your strategy, evolving and becoming more efficient to fulfil your goals. They also allow you to track all of this progress and use the data for future campaigns.

It’s Time to Bid Farewell to Traditional Marketing

While it is okay to use some elements of traditional marketing (like brochures) in your marketing strategy, it would be best to accept that most of your marketing should focus on digital right now. Try to form a marketing strategy where traditional marketing methods are used effectively to support your digital marketing ones. The benefits of digital marketing will be visible soon after you replace traditional with it, so hurry and don’t wait anymore!

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